Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello again

I've decided to resurrect my blog and see if I can keep it going this time. In October of 2006 Tiffany and I relocated from Memphis to San Diego because I accepted a position as a programmer with Sony Online Entertainment. So in the past year, I've certainly had plenty of things I've wanted to blog about.

I'll try to write as much as possible about the things I'm working on since people may find it somewhat interesting. Of course there are certain things I probably can't go in too much detail about, and some things I just can't talk about at all until the time is right.

However, I'll give this disclaimer right off the bat. Obviously anything I write about here is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of SOE or other SOE employees and management. When discussing game-specific features I might be working on, or ideas that I have, this in no way guarantees that the feature or idea will appear in the game at all, or as I've described.

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