Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sentinel's Fate is Live!

Our QA department passed the servers and everything has been unlocked. Servers are up and people are online. So far everything looks great. I'm sure there will be minor issues throughout the day, so I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for them.

Enjoy the expansion and let me know what you think!


Anne said...

I love it! Thank you for an awesome game altogether.

Phiyah, AB

Thundy said...

I thought it only fair after my last comment that I should come back and say that so far I am really enjoying it. If I could just offer 3 negatives:

1) It seems awfully small for 1.5 years of work, plus all the other delays (shaders, halas, who knows what else). It's pretty mind-boggling.

2) Those disc transporters take way too long and circle around way too much. They make me dizzy.

3) The spell/CA lag in the overland zones is beyond horrendous. Isn't it time for this problem to go away already?


john said...

Its too laagy and as someone said before those disks are a terrible time sink gawd I can go and have a cup of coffe and a toast and the character has still not arrived. The loot from the quests as always are vendor trash utterly worthless even for someone only in T1 what at that lvl should be the minimum by now anyways and the quests..well can you come up with something better then get me this item, that water go back,go back , ad nausa..who ever came up with that as an immatignations factor of -50..a tree has about -25 at least it's leaves are changing. And what is with those mobs in the hole? We where in there with a lvl 86 guardian and pulled several of the rooms and hallways of 88-90 mobs at once for a whole afternoon and nobody died (average lvl in the group was 81 T1 armor)..its far too easy. AA for quests sux whats with .9 and 1%?..but maybe thats why they are so easy.. that said, I do love the grafics and the smoothness of the movement.
I wish you guys would fix the server problems and still ongoing database problems on AB..yes still even with the new one BEFORE you waste time on add on to this expansion..because if past performance is any indication it will also suck.
And please STOP nerfing old zones, we have enough players going from 1-80 in a day and having no darn idea how to play the character we do NOT need you guys to make it even easier. The game does not start at 90 all that is left then is absolute mindless grinding of the same ole same ole instances..if that is your guys idea of fun you are warped.And STOP assuming that all we want to do is raiding..most people do NOT raid ist's just a minority who does and so my question is when will you listen to the majority of the players?
On a scale of 1-10 for content and playability you guys get a 3- and that is generous.

Armus said...

I know it was suppose to be more casual friendly but could it have taken at least more than 4 hours to hit 90? (not me, but several folks hit it on the first day) Fix guards!

Unknown said...

also, whooooo boy you really nerfed AA xp gain :/ grinding them out really stinks now even when you're below 200. Blah