Monday, February 04, 2008

Not much new to report, yet.

I've been extremely busy at work lately with a couple of big projects and fixing bugs for GU42, but unfortunately nothing is far enough along that I can really talk about it yet. The mannequins are going in with GU42 as well as the connection stats window. The G15 support is done and going in with GU43. The major project I'm working on now should also be going in with GU43.

I'll post details about it as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Sweet as a person who prizes himself on looks (3 32 slot boxes of appearance clothes) those manaquins will come in handy. just a question would it be possable to make the appearance slots accept any amor i.e as a swashbuckler i can only wear chain but i have seen a fair bit of plate gear that would look so cool on him think SoE will ever let me wear plate in my appearance slot (also id does seem kinda unfair to let plate tanks wear everything including cloth but mages get stuck with just cloth) .. just a thought. Kepp up the good work ?=-)

Pirate Rule, Paraon of Truth
~Befallen server~

Greg Spence said...

Ok, so you might hate me after I respond to your comment. Both issues have been heated debate topics on the forums lately.

Issue #1
The mannequins were implemented in a way so that they don't actually hold items. You just drag the item to the mannequin to dress it, but the item doesn't actually get stored on it. However, once you dress the mannequin, you could sell the items, destroy them or whatever you want to do, and the mannequin will still keep the appearance. Unfortunately for people with storage problems, they are upset that the mannequins can't actually store items. However, there was a reason why we implemented it this way. If you were required to leave the item on the mannequin, you'd have to make multiple copies of items for each mannequin you wanted to display for tradeskilled items. This could be expensive for people that don't have a lot of plat. Also, you wouldn't be able to display items that you still used while adventuring because you'd have to leave them in your house.

We're aware of the storage issue, and I have a solution that I would love to implement, but I can't really talk about it right now. Hopefully in the future I can reveal it.

Issue #2
When we first introduced appearance slots, determining who could wear what was probably the biggest debate I'd ever seen. I think the thread on the forums was over 50 pages and growing. People were split right down the middle. Some people wanted everyone to be able to wear any item regardless of class for 'fairness', but just as many people still wanted that visible class distinction of limiting what you can wear by your class. Initially when we introduced the feature to test server, we allowed people to wear any item, and it created a HUGE uproar. We eventually backed down and added the restrictions that your class would have to be able to wear the item to also allow it in the appearance slots.

Now that the feature has been live for awhile and people are pretty accustomed to it, I don't think we would revisit that issue because it would seriously make half of the community really upset. :) However, I can never say never, because if the community gets behind something, SOE will listen, but I think this issue has probably run its course.

Sorry that I couldn't give you better answers. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats kewl it was just a idea neways ?=-) .. atleast i know its been discussed and not just discarded. Grats on the ping window am so glad to see it back, not to fussed about the bar graph but he whatever floats thier boats i guess hehe. still waiting patiently for my G15 update ive told all my friends and they stoked about it too. oh and the only prblem i have with the manaquins is not storage but looks i was hoping for different race type manaquins but non-the-less good work ?=-)

Pirate Rule, Paragon of Truth
~Befallen Server~

Kris said...

Any chance you can provide more feedback on "The major project I'm working on now should also be going in with GU43." ?

What is this 'major project?'

Greg Spence said...

It was the looting method revamp to add the 2 new loot methods and group loot options.